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R. Buckminster Fuller: THE HISTORY (and Mystery) OF THE UNIVERSE

Written and Directed by D.W. Jacobs
From the life, work and writings of R. Buckminster Fuller
Performed by Ron Campbell
JAN 30 - FEB 23, 2014

Radical futurist, inventor, environmentalist, poet and visionary, Bucky will challenge you to rethink your life, the world and the role the individual can play in the fate of “Spaceship Earth.” This multimedia production dazzles in its timeless insights into Bucky’s life, ideas and his belief in the power of individual imagination to solve our biggest problems and make the world work for all of humanity. Hailed by Marshall McLuhan as ‘the Leonardo da Vinci of our time,’ Bucky successfully bridged the arts and sciences with his systems approach, innovative designs and insatiable curiosity.

Campbell’s tour-de-force performance explores Bucky’s life and work through comedic flair, revealing personal stories, philosophical riffs, poetry, dance and video. This adventurous play travels through Bucky’s childhood in Massachusetts to his meeting with Albert Einstein and onto his breakthrough inventions - as it spins through myriad ideas and experiences that lead to exploring alternative ways of solving our most vexing problems. Bucky challenged the status quo with cutting edge ideas that inspired many of the early founders in Silicon Valley. What will he inspire in you?